July 04 - “Custom Painting from Photo�/span>

Priscilla E. Triplett, the portrait artist from Dolphin Gallery will exhibit her recent pet portraits on July's show. These artworks are painted from digital photos in impressional, pop art, realistic as well as abstract styles.

June 18 - “Katsushika Hokusai Art Reproductions�/p>

Our artists team spent two weeks on creating museum quality reproductions of Katsushika Hokusai's famous artworks, including a 48x72 inch ' Dream of Fisherman's wife' and 'The Great Wave Off Kanagawa'.

May 01 - “Gustav Klimt Famous Artworks�/p>

David, the artist from Outpost exhibited 10 Klimt's famous paintings reproductions in our gallery. The kiss painting was thought to be 95% close to the original artwork.

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Welcome to Paul Bennett Fine Art

Oil paintings in a variety of subjects are for sale here and I am available for fine art reproductions with Outpost Art. Send me a hi-res photo of your required subject and I will contact you to discuss size and cost details. Only 10% deposit is needed towards owning your own masterpiece reporduction. You will receive “work in progress�photos so any alterations can be made. Upon completion and your approval and payment is verified your new painting will be securely packed and delivered promptly. You can also check the quality of Dream of the Fisherman's Wife i reproduced for my customer.


Much of my work is due to photos provided by Outpost, my thanks to them.

My Portfolio page has the links to buy prints of all sizes and styles of my paintings.


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